• Environmental assessments for energy sector

  • The actual impact of such investments as wind farms and power lines on birds and bats depends on these being built in the optimal location. The 3Bird Radar System is the best instrument for the proper selection of location parameters, and is used at every stage of environmental procedures, especially during the monitoring of the impact of such investments on the environment.
    Our experience has mainly been gained in Poland – a country with a very large share of extremely valuable areas for birds and bats, protected under the Natura 2000 network (of core breeding and resting sites). But we have also traced the migration routes of birds in other European countries – in extremely harsh, mountainous and coastal biotopes.
    The 3Bird Radar System has also proved its worth under conditions where traditional observation methods are not possible. This significantly reduces the cost of monitoring and allows full use of the time spent in the field.
    We know from our own experience that by means of instrumental measurement of the spatial and temporal patterns of bird and bat behaviour we can find a harmonic balance between the needs of power production and transmission and environmental constraints.

    Our experts and the 3Bird Radar System can help you in the proper selection of power network locations parameters and components by objective bird radar measurements in a specific location and its far-reaching spatial context, providing accurate maps and information on the use of airspace by birds and bats, including detailed profiles of the heights to which their flights extend.