• Flight safety at airports

  • For those of you responsible for aviation safety or deciding where to locate elements of airport infrastructure we are ready to lend you assistance by providing complete information on the use of airspace by birds and bats in your Area Of Interested.
    Civil and military aviation authorities apply high standards of flight safety. Large flocks of birds and bats or even individual birds can pose a significant threat to the safety of people, especially during the takeoff and landing of aircraft. One of the tasks of an airport’s engineering and aviation services personnel is to ensure the highest possible level of safety using the best available technology. It is very important that the individual elements of flight safety systems aimed at avoiding collisions with birds and bats strive for the utmost excellence.
    Ornithological radar systems are used in all stages of planning and operating airports. The mobile 3Bird Radar System can be used in the environmental procedures of existing, upgraded and new airports as a tool providing data in order to analyze the probability of birds and bats colliding with aeroplanes.
    The 3Bird Radar System can successfully support the processes involved in transforming a flight safety management system into a proactive one – making it possible to predict potential threats in order to minimize the risk of aircraft accidents.
    By means of the 3Bird Radar System  radar system, the 3Gsc company’s experts achieve these objectives at the highest technical level, providing precise information about habitat preferences and the altitudes of birds and bats in flight in the form of maps and statistics for any location, time (phenological period) or weather conditions.